A new approach to sustainable manufacturing

As a newcomer in an already crowded market, we knew we had to make something exceptional to stand out. Our manufacturing process, which is completely carried out exclusively in Italy, is the result of the most advanced evolution in terms of material selection, design approach and work ethics.

We take great pride in values of work-ethics and sustainable production in a tradition hailing from our forefathers: that’s why we comply and exceed with all subjects covered by the ILO Labour Standards.

Download the CE declaration here

We are a team of engineers, product-designers and professional cinematographers who decided to come together to create a solution able to provide enormous benefits to both the users and the environment: Maxima products are indeed both smart, efficient and built using a proprietary additive manufacturing process which eliminates wastes and saves resources.

An in-house project turned into a successful product

Maxima was initially conceived at visionary Cinestudio studios in Central Italy as an actual replacement of the many lighting technology already available, in order to maximize efficiency in particularly complex environments, not only in studio.
After manufacturing the initial prototypes it was immediately clear that the product was too interesting and had such a great potential not to turn it into a commercial, world reaching product. That’s where Maxima was born, from the same minds and experience sets of professionals that actually use it.

A truly European company

Maxima was born with a truly multi national core, owing to the heritages of each and every country being represented. The main manufacturing takes place in Italy, as well the R&D, while the company headquarters and logistic center are conveniently located in Amsterdam. Our top management is also multi-national with Italy, The Netherlands and France being equally represented.