Meaningful accessories

Built to last

The sustainable and meaningful design approach of the Maxima family is carried over to our accessories list: a 100% Made in Italy kit that ranges from our renowned Fresnel lens with Schott® optical glass to a few adapters that let you use Maxima with any light modifier from leading brands.

Don’t “buy more”


Maxima philosophy is unique in the whole industry: we manufacture exclusively in Italy with a sustainable, zero-waste approach that has no like in the whole industry. As much as Maxima is a professional tool built to last, we also encourage you to use all the accessories and light modifiers that you already have. Don’t buy any more of them, adapt them.

We designed the most reliable and sturdy adapters to fit Maxima OmniMount™ and virtually accept any leading brand of accessories and light modifiers so you don’t need to buy any more of them: swap the Maxima adapter and you are ready to go with quickness and ease.

The practicality that professionals need

Road tested all-around the world

How about creating a modular cluster of Maxima on the go, powering them all with one single cable and mounting them to any light stand? Thanks to the ingenious Maxima Modular Yoke, you can easily create such configurations, using only the provided handles and no other tool: in less than 3 minutes you can go from a multi-point setup to a single MaximaCluster of unprecedented power and just the same practicality you’d expect from a Maxima product.

And there’s more! We are now offering a huge saving on the 3X Maxima 3 bundle, allowing you to replicate the MaximaCluster at an even more affordable price.

Premium setup

Now coming as standard.

Premium level accessories are now standard in the Maxima 3 kit: refinement and attention to detail meet practicality and extreme durability across the whole lineup of included accessories.

Starting from the rugged, military grade Maxima Flight Case (that’s obviously Made in Italy as well) all the way to your choice of OmniMount adapter for your favorite light shaping/modifier brand, the standard Maxima is a premium package, now more than ever.

That cinematic look

Now available to every Pro.

We are increasing the capabilities of our renowned Fresnel lens with the addition of a cleverly designed, lovely manufactured, all-Italian barn doors system that feature triple blades on two sides, an extra matte coating and an even improved light spill rejection. Every light shaping is precisely held in place thanks to premium grade tightening screws and washers.

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