My name is Daniel Kellenberger, I am a photographer at the shores of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. I originally studied Film at the Edinburgh College of Art, specializing in camera. After my return to Switzerland, I worked a while as a DOP for the national music television and switched afterwards into photography. My career began as an employed press photographer for a newspaper and declared myself a freelance photographer in 2011. In the following decade, I freelanced for all major newspapers and print products in Switzerland, as well for advertising agencies and companies, specializing in Portraits and Architecture.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

After 12 years, I moved my studio from the city to a neighbour village at the Lake of Zurich to be closer to family, home and local politics. With the new studio, I decided to focus more on portraits for actors, models and dancers but keep doing selected assignments for clients. Changing my work into a more creative and personal field of photography gave me the urge to expand my level of experimenting and trying new things with equipment and postproduction. My pictures should be a compromise of spontaneous ideas from press photography and dramatic filmic scenes.

Although my background is from film, I wanted to keep photography as my core business. I adore the haptics of a printed photograph and put it on a wall or into books.

What equipment do you use?

I still work with a Canons EOS 5Ds but with the new Leica SL3, I probably switch my photography gear soon. Since the beginning, I used Profoto flashlights for over 15 years. With my new studio, it was time to try something new and add continuous light.

Which Maxima products have you used?

During my research for reliable and innovative continuous lighting, I came across the Maxima 3 Fresnel kit with the Profoto-adapter.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

Because of my experience, I can tell the effect and impact from flashlights. But I wanted to try something new and when trying new things, it is very helpful to see and control it. My favorite strategy is a combination of flash where I know what to expect and strong warm reflections from the Maxima 3. In my studio, I also started to take more pictures again with available light where the Maxima 3 is a perfect source for fill light, directly or indirectly.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

The Maxima 3 has a variety of interesting features. It can be used as a strong simple light without adapters to tickle out the most of this powerful source. Or you can use it with the Fresnel adapter to have a concentrated and focused lighting. With the compatibility towards Profoto softboxes, it can also be used as a main light when you want visible control over your motif. The robust and significant manufacturing allows it to be a reliable piece of equipment in a fast-paced shooting. It endures the stress of a long session with steady and trusty light quality.

To me, the Maxima 3 was a perfect entry point into continuous lighting, I can’t wait to try the Maxima Furiosa and looking forward to future innovations from Maxima LED!