Jorge Miguel Jaime, a renowned portrait and event photographer from Valencia, guides us through his expertise in backlighting.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

We have an audiovisual production company called Cataclán. We are dedicated to the realization and production of live events, productions, galas, congresses, corporate video production and photography, very specialised in wedding photography.

What equipment do you use?

I have been using SONY equipment for many years, both for event video and ENG, the Cinemaline line for social and corporate video and the a7 and a9 for photography. I work with different models depending on the work to be done. I have the versatile a7-4, the very special s-3 and now we have incorporated 2 units of the 9-3 which is a camera that changes your life, especially if you like to shoot with flash.
Almost all my lenses are fixed lenses for still photography and in video I do use more zoom lenses, especially if I want to give a more television look to the production.
When it comes to lighting with flash I use Profoto and now I switched to Maxima for lighting continuously my scenes.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I have used the Maxima 6. A light of supreme quality and very easy and comfortable to work with, the fact that it is not weighted makes it very easy to move around and because it is so powerful you can work with the sun against it with great results. For me it is very important to have a product in which I can work photography and video at the same time and Maxima allows me to do so.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

Personally I really like to work with the backlight. I like the cinematic aura it gives to the photos and video. With the modifiers I already have I can attenuate the backlight without it being barely noticeable. Above all I like the light to be there, but I like it to be subtle and delicate.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

Enjoy above all its power, speed of handling and quickness to move and change location. The light quality is spectacular and the construction allows you to work even in extreme conditions. But if there’s one thing I like, it’s being able to be much more productive when working on photo and video at the same time, which is very important.