Hello everyone, my name is Leo Rosas Morin. I was born in 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela, and have always had a passion for visual communication and the arts. My journey into photography officially began in 2001 when skateboarding led me to capture moments with my friends, and it has evolved from there. Despite initial hurdles in formal education, I pursued my passion autodidactically and honed my skills through constant practice and experimentation.

Over the years, I have had the honor of working with major brands like Red Bull, Peli Products, Sony, and now Maxima LED as their official photographer and ambassador. My work has earned multiple photography awards and accolades, which fuels my passion for creating visually stunning content. I specialize in various fields, including studio, portraits, commercial, corporate, and action sports photography, providing tailored visual solutions that resonate with diverse audiences. My commitment to excellence and understanding each client’s unique needs has been key to my success and continued motivation.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

I specialize in action sports photography, commercial and corporate photography, and portraits. My work often involves capturing dynamic and high-energy moments, which aligns well with my background in skateboarding photography. I also have significant experience in creating polished, professional images for commercial and corporate clients, as well as detailed and emotive studio portraits.

What equipment do you use?

Cameras: I primarily use Sony cameras, currently working with a Sony Alpha 1 for its incredible resolution and dynamic range, and a Sony Alpha 9 Mark III for its versatility and groundbreaking features in sports photography.
Lenses: I rely mostly on the GM Fixed focal length lineup from Sony.
Lighting: I use Profoto flashes and Maxima LED continuous lights to control and shape light precisely.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I use the Maxima 3, Maxima 6 Gan and the Maxima Furiosa. These products have been a great addition to my studio and on-location shoots, providing consistent and high-quality lighting that enhances my image’s overall look, feel, and workflow.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

It really depends on the mission of the day. For example, if we have a large number of portraits to take, I opt for a single standard look that can work efficiently for all the subjects, such as a soft large modifier as key light plus any necessary additional rim lights or background lights.

If we have one single talent in mind or a very specific look, then I plan accordingly to use light and contrast to achieve the desired goal and purpose. If I had to choose one setup, I would probably go with a contrasty key light from the Maxima 3 with a Fresnel lens in a darker environment to make the main subject pop in a “theatrical stage” kind of way.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

Maxima products stand out for their exceptional build quality and reliability. The consistent and adjustable lighting output allows me to fine-tune the illumination to suit different shooting scenarios very quickly. I appreciate the benefit of their low heat technology, the perfect compatibility with Profoto flashes, and their approach to product development, which includes sustainability, functionality, and quality as top priorities.

The color accuracy and brightness of Maxima LEDs ensure that my subjects are lit perfectly, which significantly reduces post-production time. Overall, Maxima’s commitment to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with my own standards for creating visually stunning and impactful content.