My name is Martynas Justinevicius A.K.A Glidephotos. Born in Lithuania and grew up in Hawaii. Currently residing in Stockholm Sweden but working worldwide. I have been working as a photographer for over a decade but as of the last recent years also as videographer and YouTuber mainly focused on creating captivating content.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

My personal style is unique and colourful, though I also create the “commercial” style content when needed. I use alot of different tools to create the effects in my images and video and rarely is it ever done in the editing process but is focused on in camera effects. I mainly work with creative lighting situations that have been location based for the most part but recently have also been in the studio. I always aim to create images that have not been done before and with anything new, it’s always a hit or a miss but it allows me to be challenged on every project I work on.

What equipment do you use?

My main camera for photo and video is the Nikon Z6. Although also working with other cameras such as a Nikon F100 for analog work and a Ricoh GR2 for day to day creations and experimental work. As far as lenses go, too many to list but the ones I have with me often are the 35mm f1.4, 105mm f1.4, 40mm f2 Z, 14-30mm f4 Z. For FX filters, I mainly use PrismLens FX and for haze/smoke, I use the Smoke Genie and Smoke Ninja from PMI Gear. There is more gear that I can share since ever project is unique and may need specific effects to bring out the exact vision.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I have been mainly using the Maxima 6 GaN with the battery box to allow me to use the light in any situation anywhere.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

For most of my career, colourful lighting has been my favourite. Having opposite colours on a model, but as of recent I have enjoyed to allow for skin tones to come out in images along with colourful tones on the model and background. That has been possible with the Maxima 6 GaN light. It has been the main key light in many shoots with other lights creating interesting lighting effects around the model.
A second favourite lighting setup is having the main light in back of the model and aiming right into the camera, with some added haze or smoke it’s possible to get some very interesting images.
Classic lighting setups is always a start for any shoot, but later I always aim to create a setup that is not conventional for many shoots.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed the most?

Some characteristics that I love of Maxima 6 GaN are that, compared to other lights of this strength, the Maxima is much lighter and smaller: that works well for my style of shooting and for what I focus on. For me, being able to show up to a shoot with a small kit and produce high quality work is everything. Living in Sweden, you can never trust the weather and, with Maxima, that is something I don’t need to think about when shooting out on location: we can continue to get great images no matter the rain or the snow.