My name is Stefan Leitner, and I am an Austrian photographer based in Graz. After ten years as an international IT-consultant, I became a full-time photographer in 2009. My portfolio includes portrait, product, and landscape photography. My work is always centered around a perfectly staged and illuminated motif. I’ve also been running a professional daylight studio ( in Graz for the past three years, which is also available for rental.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

I initially concentrated on sports and alpine photography. However, in recent years, I’ve become increasingly interested in classic advertising photography. During this time, I realized how important professional lighting is. Whether it’s people or products, I always strive for perfect lighting. For the first few years, I worked exclusively with flashes. Only when I began working with continuous light did the quality of the output improve significantly. After all, a photographer needs to be able to see the light they are working with. Only then can the subject be illuminated precisely.

What equipment do you use?

I have always been a big fan of Fujifilm, because in my opinion, colours are best reproduced. I now work with a Fujifilm GFX 100 II with various prime lenses. I have always relied on Profoto for flashes.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I currently work with two Maxima Furiosas and one Maxima 6 GaN with Profoto-adapters

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

As I mentioned earlier, I need to be able to see the light I’m working with. Often, the desired lighting effect is achieved with only a few millimetres of adjustment. The same process would take much longer with flashes. Maxima is extremely useful, especially when working in the studio. Whether it’s fill light, edge light, or just shadows, having three Maxima lights is the ultimate game changer for me. Because I usually work in theter mode, I can control all three lights directly from my workstation via the app, saving me a lot of time. More importantly, I can always adjust the lighting situation from the camera perspective. I could not imagine working with flashes again. Because of the Maxima series’ high performance, freezing movements are also not an issue.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

I’ve been working with Profoto for over ten years, so I have a large collection of light shapers that I can use with the Maxima system. This not only saves me money, but it produces the same effect as the flashes. Actually, everything is the same as before, with the only difference that I can always see the final light configuration. It is a dream.