An Artist's view: Jorge Miguel Jaime


Jorge Miguel Jaime, a renowned portrait and event photographer from Valencia, guides us through his expertise in backlighting.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

We have an audiovisual production company called Cataclán. We are dedicated to the realization and production of live events, productions, galas, congresses, corporate video production and photography, very specialised in wedding photography.

What equipment do you use?

I have been using SONY equipment for many years, both for event video and ENG, the Cinemaline line for social and corporate video and the a7 and a9 for photography. I work with different models depending on the work to be done. I have the versatile a7-4, the very special s-3 and now we have incorporated 2 units of the 9-3 which is a camera that changes your life, especially if you like to shoot with flash.
Almost all my lenses are fixed lenses for still photography and in video I do use more zoom lenses, especially if I want to give a more television look to the production.
When it comes to lighting with flash I use Profoto and now I switched to Maxima for lighting continuously my scenes.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I have used the Maxima 6. A light of supreme quality and very easy and comfortable to work with, the fact that it is not weighted makes it very easy to move around and because it is so powerful you can work with the sun against it with great results. For me it is very important to have a product in which I can work photography and video at the same time and Maxima allows me to do so.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

Personally I really like to work with the backlight. I like the cinematic aura it gives to the photos and video. With the modifiers I already have I can attenuate the backlight without it being barely noticeable. Above all I like the light to be there, but I like it to be subtle and delicate.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

Enjoy above all its power, speed of handling and quickness to move and change location. The light quality is spectacular and the construction allows you to work even in extreme conditions. But if there’s one thing I like, it’s being able to be much more productive when working on photo and video at the same time, which is very important.

An Artist's view: Stefan Leitner


My name is Stefan Leitner, and I am an Austrian photographer based in Graz. After ten years as an international IT-consultant, I became a full-time photographer in 2009. My portfolio includes portrait, product, and landscape photography. My work is always centered around a perfectly staged and illuminated motif. I’ve also been running a professional daylight studio ( in Graz for the past three years, which is also available for rental.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

I initially concentrated on sports and alpine photography. However, in recent years, I’ve become increasingly interested in classic advertising photography. During this time, I realized how important professional lighting is. Whether it’s people or products, I always strive for perfect lighting. For the first few years, I worked exclusively with flashes. Only when I began working with continuous light did the quality of the output improve significantly. After all, a photographer needs to be able to see the light they are working with. Only then can the subject be illuminated precisely.

What equipment do you use?

I have always been a big fan of Fujifilm, because in my opinion, colours are best reproduced. I now work with a Fujifilm GFX 100 II with various prime lenses. I have always relied on Profoto for flashes.

Which Maxima products have you used?

I currently work with two Maxima Furiosas and one Maxima 6 GaN with Profoto-adapters

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

As I mentioned earlier, I need to be able to see the light I’m working with. Often, the desired lighting effect is achieved with only a few millimetres of adjustment. The same process would take much longer with flashes. Maxima is extremely useful, especially when working in the studio. Whether it’s fill light, edge light, or just shadows, having three Maxima lights is the ultimate game changer for me. Because I usually work in theter mode, I can control all three lights directly from my workstation via the app, saving me a lot of time. More importantly, I can always adjust the lighting situation from the camera perspective. I could not imagine working with flashes again. Because of the Maxima series’ high performance, freezing movements are also not an issue.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

I’ve been working with Profoto for over ten years, so I have a large collection of light shapers that I can use with the Maxima system. This not only saves me money, but it produces the same effect as the flashes. Actually, everything is the same as before, with the only difference that I can always see the final light configuration. It is a dream.

An Artist's view: Daniel Kellenberger


My name is Daniel Kellenberger, I am a photographer at the shores of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. I originally studied Film at the Edinburgh College of Art, specializing in camera. After my return to Switzerland, I worked a while as a DOP for the national music television and switched afterwards into photography. My career began as an employed press photographer for a newspaper and declared myself a freelance photographer in 2011. In the following decade, I freelanced for all major newspapers and print products in Switzerland, as well for advertising agencies and companies, specializing in Portraits and Architecture.

What is your main field in photography / videomaking?

After 12 years, I moved my studio from the city to a neighbour village at the Lake of Zurich to be closer to family, home and local politics. With the new studio, I decided to focus more on portraits for actors, models and dancers but keep doing selected assignments for clients. Changing my work into a more creative and personal field of photography gave me the urge to expand my level of experimenting and trying new things with equipment and postproduction. My pictures should be a compromise of spontaneous ideas from press photography and dramatic filmic scenes.

Although my background is from film, I wanted to keep photography as my core business. I adore the haptics of a printed photograph and put it on a wall or into books.

What equipment do you use?

I still work with a Canons EOS 5Ds but with the new Leica SL3, I probably switch my photography gear soon. Since the beginning, I used Profoto flashlights for over 15 years. With my new studio, it was time to try something new and add continuous light.

Which Maxima products have you used?

During my research for reliable and innovative continuous lighting, I came across the Maxima 3 Fresnel kit with the Profoto-adapter.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your favorite lighting strategy?

Because of my experience, I can tell the effect and impact from flashlights. But I wanted to try something new and when trying new things, it is very helpful to see and control it. My favorite strategy is a combination of flash where I know what to expect and strong warm reflections from the Maxima 3. In my studio, I also started to take more pictures again with available light where the Maxima 3 is a perfect source for fill light, directly or indirectly.

What are the characteristics of Maxima that you enjoyed most?

The Maxima 3 has a variety of interesting features. It can be used as a strong simple light without adapters to tickle out the most of this powerful source. Or you can use it with the Fresnel adapter to have a concentrated and focused lighting. With the compatibility towards Profoto softboxes, it can also be used as a main light when you want visible control over your motif. The robust and significant manufacturing allows it to be a reliable piece of equipment in a fast-paced shooting. It endures the stress of a long session with steady and trusty light quality.

To me, the Maxima 3 was a perfect entry point into continuous lighting, I can’t wait to try the Maxima Furiosa and looking forward to future innovations from Maxima LED!

Maxima Furiosa is here

Never compromise.

We are proud to announce the release of Maxima Furiosa, the most portable, high-power, bi-colour LED fixture on the market: weighing in at just 6.7 kg and requiring no external ballast, Maxima Furiosa represents the pinnacle of LED lighting technology, designed and manufactured in our factories here in Italy.

With the lowest noise levels in the industry, a continuously adjustable colour temperature from 2800K to 6800K and the same reliability and quality that have become the hallmark of Maxima, Maxima Furiosa raises the bar once again for professional photographers and videographers looking for the best light quality and efficiency in the most compact package. With a power consumption of just 800W and an impressive output of 80,000 lumens, Furiosa has set a new standard for efficiency in film production, allowing for longer battery life, reduced studio consumption and a much smaller carbon footprint that exceeds any standard set for an environmentally responsible set.

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Use any of your accessories and light modifiers.

Like any other Maxima, Furiosa is compatible with all the accessories and light modifiers you already own from all the leading brands such as Profoto®, ARRI®, Bowens… This is made possible thanks to the ingenious Maxima OmniMount™ system and the clever accessories that ensure safe and efficient mounting.

Maxima Furiosa is also available in the Arctic Edition: with the same specifications as our flagship Maxima Furiosa and a special coating that allows for improved solar rejection and even better cooling, the Maxima Furiosa Arctic Edition is the star of the scene, creating an eye-catching look that sets it apart from any other equipment on stage.

If you are one of the lucky ones to be on the limited waiting list of 400 Furiosa units, you will receive your voucher and a special gift from us shortly.

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Join us at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt

We’re thrilled to announce that Maxima will be showcasing at the Prolight + Sound event in Frankfurt, alongside our esteemed partners, Ultralite. Join us from Tuesday 19 March to Friday 22 March at Stand C72, Hall 12, where we’ll unveil some incredible Maxima implementations and introduce a range of new, top-secret products and accessories. Yes, you heard it right – surprises await!

But that’s not all – brace yourselves for an enlightening experience with our very own Enrico Ripalti on Thursday and Friday. He’ll be sharing exclusive tips, tricks, and insights into the cutting-edge world of continuous lighting technology, with a special focus on the Maxima Cinematic aesthetics.

This is an opportunity you won’t miss. For more information and how to partecipate, visit the official Prolight + Sound event page or reach out to us directly for assistance.

Maxima now available across all Austria thru Foto Köberl

We are thrilled to announce that Maxima is now part of the prestigious lineup alongside renowned brands like Profoto, Fujifilm, Canon, and Sony at Foto Köberl. This esteemed distributor covers the entire Austria region and serves as your go-to destination for all things Maxima, including pre-sales and technical support. Through our collaboration with the highly skilled team at Foto Köberl in Steyrergasse, you can now directly purchase and experience all Maxima products, including the recently launched Maxima 6,.

Professional photographers and directors of photography (DOPs) can take advantage of this opportunity to explore and test our cutting-edge technology. Kurt and Karlheinz at Foto Köberl are ready to share valuable insights into our revolutionary products, helping you streamline your production processes, whether in motion pictures or still life.

You can browse their complete assortment of every Maxima product or enquire directly thru their website.

Maxima is available in many other countries, find the nearest retailer and rental here.

Cinematic Lighting with Maxima - The Workshop in Amsterdam

Welcome to the workshop that will change your perspective into the lighting for photography with a cinematic approach! We are thrilled to announce the exclusive participation of Enrico Ripalti, the Creative Director of Cinestudio and founder of Maxima, who will be the protagonist of an extraordinary event together with our lovely distributors from The Netherlands, We Are Studio Partners.

Enrico Ripalti will unveil the practical secrets and nuances of the Maxima system, providing a unique insight into the incredible artistic possibilities and workflow optimization for photography and video shooting as well. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experiment with different models, including the powerful Maxima 3, the advanced Maxima 6, and the revolutionary Maxima Pro-foto Native.

Join us at Allard Studios, NIeuwe Hemweg 5F 1013 BG Amsterdam, on November the 20th, from 10:00 to 18:00, for an experience that will reshape how you see your cinematic-photography world. Be inspired and get ready to unveil the endless possibilities offered by Maxima!

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    Maxima 6 is here

    Never compromise.

    Maxima 6 GaN is the response to the demands of professionals that don’t accept compromises: a huge punch of over 60.000 lumens in the same, all-in-one and lightweight package that Maxima is know for, with a still unmatched CRI color accuracy, all-weather resistance and the quietest noise footprint in the market.

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    Unprecedented performance, wherever you may roam.

    In just 4 kg of weight and less than 600W of power consumption, Maxima 6 GaN packs more punch than any conventional technology LED on the market: this is a great advantage when shooting on location without access to electricity, where Maxima 6 shines at full power with our Battery Box or with any* third party DC source. Yes, you read right: use any of your Arri®, Bebop®, FXLion® and so many mary battery packs to power your Maxima thanks to our GaNPowered™ DC input now standard in the Maxima WhitePort.

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    Maxima at LLB Expo in Oslo

    Maxima will attend the LLB Exhibition 2023 at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, March 15th to 17th. We welcome DOPs and pro-photographers to stop by at the Camera Nordic Booth (nr E5) stand and test Maxima 3 themselves, sharing useful tips and how-tos with Maxima’s own Sales Manager Cees Maaskant.

    More information about the LLB Exhibition and how to register for attendance can be found at the LLB Exhibition website itself.

    You can also contact us directly to get assistance on registering.

    Maxima 3 Mark II is here, and it's great!

    Maxima was born as an innovative, evolving product, that we ourselves loved to use: we spend countless hours testing, refining and listening to inputs from DOPs and photographers worldwide.

    We are now summing up this experience in the Mark II version of our small beauty, now featuring a 50% reduction in noise and a 20% increase of light output. This comes with no added running costs, since the power draw of Maxima remains the same (at a mere 290 W),  but thanks to Maxima patent-pending, revolutionary cooling technology, the efficiency is even greater at a whopping 128 Lm/W, totaling an extraordinary figure of more than 30.000 Lm with the same unprecedented color accuracy that Maxima is know for.

    The world reference in color accuracy

    Maxima color accuracy is actually the world reference today, with 98.6 CRI and 100 TLCI score and a rich, flat and consistent color spectrum with no deviation from the white point.

    We’ve got you covered: enter the Mark II Upgrade Program

    We take great pride in following up our customer on an almost one-to-one relationship: we ourselves are photographers and videomakers first and we know how demanding and constantly evolving the nature of the business is. We want to support you with every possible advancement allowing you to work better and quicker, that’s why we offer an industry-first upgrade program for every Maxima 3 owner. For just 360 € we will upgrade your unit to the Mark II hardware and software, completely refurbishing it and with a renewed warranty period of 2 years.

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