Maxima 6 is here

Never compromise.

Maxima 6 GaN is the response to the demands of professionals that don’t accept compromises: a huge punch of over 60.000 lumens in the same, all-in-one and lightweight package that Maxima is know for, with a still unmatched CRI color accuracy, all-weather resistance and the quietest noise footprint in the market.

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Unprecedented performance, wherever you may roam.

In just 4 kg of weight and less than 600W of power consumption, Maxima 6 GaN packs more punch than any conventional technology LED on the market: this is a great advantage when shooting on location without access to electricity, where Maxima 6 shines at full power with our Battery Box or with any* third party DC source. Yes, you read right: use any of your Arri®, Bebop®, FXLion® and so many mary battery packs to power your Maxima thanks to our GaNPowered™ DC input now standard in the Maxima WhitePort.

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Maxima at LLB Expo in Oslo

Maxima will attend the LLB Exhibition 2023 at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, March 15th to 17th. We welcome DOPs and pro-photographers to stop by at the Camera Nordic Booth (nr E5) stand and test Maxima 3 themselves, sharing useful tips and how-tos with Maxima’s own Sales Manager Cees Maaskant.

More information about the LLB Exhibition and how to register for attendance can be found at the LLB Exhibition website itself.

You can also contact us directly to get assistance on registering.

Maxima 3 Mark II is here, and it's great!

Maxima was born as an innovative, evolving product, that we ourselves loved to use: we spend countless hours testing, refining and listening to inputs from DOPs and photographers worldwide.

We are now summing up this experience in the Mark II version of our small beauty, now featuring a 50% reduction in noise and a 20% increase of light output. This comes with no added running costs, since the power draw of Maxima remains the same (at a mere 290 W),  but thanks to Maxima patent-pending, revolutionary cooling technology, the efficiency is even greater at a whopping 128 Lm/W, totaling an extraordinary figure of more than 30.000 Lm with the same unprecedented color accuracy that Maxima is know for.

The world reference in color accuracy

Maxima color accuracy is actually the world reference today, with 98.6 CRI and 100 TLCI score and a rich, flat and consistent color spectrum with no deviation from the white point.

We’ve got you covered: enter the Mark II Upgrade Program

We take great pride in following up our customer on an almost one-to-one relationship: we ourselves are photographers and videomakers first and we know how demanding and constantly evolving the nature of the business is. We want to support you with every possible advancement allowing you to work better and quicker, that’s why we offer an industry-first upgrade program for every Maxima 3 owner. For just 360 € we will upgrade your unit to the Mark II hardware and software, completely refurbishing it and with a renewed warranty period of 2 years.

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Maxima now available to pro-photographers in Switzerland

Thanks to the partnership with the extremely competent and knowledgeable staff at GraphicArt AG shops in Switzerland, in a few days Maxima will be available in two convenient shops across the Helvetic Confederation. At each of their shops in Zurich and Bern, GraphicArt AG staff will be happy to show and demo Maxima 3 to pro-photographers and DOPs, providing all the insights to our revolutionary technology and helping you streamline the production process, be it motion picture or still life.

But that’s not all! For the first time in the European market outside of Italy, GraphicArt will also display the Maxima 3 Desert Version: designed for extreme climates and with a striking rugged look, we are sure our Desert Version will certainly reclaim the scene in your next set.

GraphicArt AG is available to you thru their website, but you can always contact us for any additional information. Maxima is available in many other countries, find the nearest retailer and rental here.

Always more possibilities, now with ProFoto® accessories compatibility

Maxima philosophy has always been that of manufacturing meaningful, respectful and ethically produced equipment: we are at the forefront of this movement and we take great pride in the quality and sustainability of our all-Italian manufacturing. That’s why we decided not to manufacture accessories: you already have lots of them which you can use at best with your Maxima unit. Now we are increasing the possibilities even more, with full Profoto® accessories compatibility thanks to the lovely manufactured, 100% Made in Italy Maxima Profoto® Locking Ring.
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Buy it now or contact us for any additional information.

Maxima at the Micro Salon AFC in Paris

Maxima will attend the 23rd edition of the Micro Salon in Paris, taking place on 9th and 10th February 2023 in Parc Floral de Paris – Paris 12e. We welcome DOPs and pro-photographers to stop by at Acc&Led stand and test Maxima 3 themselves, sharing useful tips and how-tos with director Claudio Ripalti.

More information about the Micro Salon and how to register for attendance can be found at AFC website or at Micro Salon website itself.

You can also contact us directly to get assistance on registering.