The most portable solution

To power your Maxima

Maxima BatteryBox is a smart battery pack that features both an integrated, high-capacity Li-Ion battery and an external 4-points V-Mount dock that, all together, are capable of feeding a Maxima at full power for almost 4 hours.


Integrated battery


Autonomy at full power


Supplementary bays


Product warranty

Small and light enough

To fit perfectly in your camera kit.

Maxima batteryBox is not only powerful and expandeable, but it’s also extremely clever and well-designed. Its nimble size makes it very comfortable to carry in a backpack and the USB-C recharging port means you can use any MacBook style charger you are already carrying with you. The two additional, 5V USB outputs make recharging cameras and mobile devices very convenient and quick, while our SmartThru technology allow for an immediate switch to V-Mount when the internal battery is running out (or vice-versa!)


Base width



Designed and Made in Italy

Tested all around the world.

All Maxima products are born in-house at visionary Cinestudio studios in Central Italy to replace old-school technologies and to enable flawless and quick operation both in the studio and on-location. The all-Italian approach has been carried over since then, with a complete manufacturing and testing factory in Italy that has no likes in the whole industry.

Just like our flagship Maxima fixtures, the BatteryBox is now used in the most diverse and challenging scenarios across the globe by the same kind of professionals who actually designed it in the first place.

Simple connections

Flexible routings

Maxima BatteryBox design follows the minimilastic, yet clever, design of the whole Maxima lineup. Simple connections allow you to simultaneously recharge a multitude of devices while still powering your Maxima for many hours: laptops, mobile phones, cameras and so much more can all be connected to the BatteryBox at the same time.

You can easily decide which power source to use (internal or V-Mount) and, when that source runs out, the BatteryBox will automatically switch to the next one available, withour interruptions.

The Maxima BatteryBox can be recharged with its power supply or with any MacBook-style USB-C recharger. If you are on the go, you can also safely recharge the Maxima BatteryBox from larger power banks like Bebob® or Arri® thanks to the dedicated power in socket.