Maxima 3

Lighting perfection, for professionals.

Maxima’s performance

The all-in-one workhorse

Maxima 3 is the ultimate all-in-one fixture designed to speed up your workflow in every setup, be it in the studio or on location. With no ballast, an output of 30,000 Lumens of the most pristine light ever made and just 270W of power consumption, Maxima is regarded as one of the game-changing evolutions of new-school cinematography and photography studios.

Single cable unit

Unibody, single-cable

460000 lux at 1 meter

30,000 Lumens

700W power LED lamp for studio lighting

Only 270W consumption

Versatile power.

Extreme versatility, wherever you need it.

Maxima 3 has been conceived to enable flawless and fast operation both in the studio and on-location, thanks to the integrated, all-in-one body.Maxima 3 body features analog controls for the essential functions and advanced features accessible via the iOS and Android app.


15° Fresnel reflector @ 1m


15° Fresnel reflector @ 3m

Lighting perfection.

96 CRI

The ideal lighting to faithfully reproduce colors across the whole dimming range and seamlessly match sunlight.

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Single point LED

A hard, single point lighting enabling perfect shadows without the issues deriving from multi-point light sources.

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15 to 65 degrees focusable

The 8" borosilicate Fresnel lens combined with the pump-action focusing system allow for maximum versatility in every lighting scenario.

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5 minutes for the perfect setup!

Effective and quick: have a look at how quick and easy it is working with Maxima and see for yourself why Maxima is becoming the gold reference of the most renowned studios. Narrated by Elisa @ Cinestudio Italy.

Less weight, more stiffness.

Carbon reinforced unibody design.

A single-piece, carbon reinforced body leading to performances superior to those of alloy composites. The extra-matte coating of Maxima 3 body is engineered for maximum weather protection and for eliminating  unwanted reflections.

3 lamps in one.

In silent mode, Maxima 3 operates in the 10-160 W range and emits only 19dBa of noise. The best mode when noiseless operation is of paramount importance.

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In regular mode, Maxima 3 operates in the 20-240 W range and emits only 26dBa of noise. This is the most balanced ratio between luminous output and noise.

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In boost mode, Maxima 3 operates at its full power between 240-270W and with maximum cooling, while still emitting only 31dB of noise, making it the quietest fixture ever.

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Made in Italy, built to last.

Entirely Made in Italy.

Every Maxima component is designed, engineered and assembled in Italy. We test every unit in our own laboratories so that it exceeds any performance standard currently available in the market. We take great pride in values of work-ethics and sustainable production in a long standing tradition: that's why we comply and exceed with all subjects covered by the ILO Labour Standards.

Less heat, more light.

A full-copper heatsink

The patent-pending heatsink of Maxima 3 is a feature integral to the current and future Maxima lineup and provides a 40% more efficient luminous performance compared to aluminium heatsinks of standard LED lamps. 

5600 Kelvin degrees

40% more output

CPU controlled led fixture

Less heat stress

Wifi and USB connected lamp

Longer LED life

Total-care warranty.

2 years warranty.

We have built a durable and reliable product: that's why we are offering 1 year warranty covering both the electronics and the body which can be extended for one further year by registering your Maxima 3 online.

Now with native ProFoto® compatibility

Unlimited accessories possibilities

Maxima philosophy has always been that of manufacturing meaningful, respectful and ethically produced equipment. That’s why we don’t manufacture accessories: you already have lots of them and you should be able to use them with all your lights, without limits! We are now adding native ProFoto® accessories compatibility, while still retaining compatibility with every other Bowens accessory without even changing adapter. Isn’t it cool?

Designed for the extremes

Desert is here

Maxima 3 "Desert" Version takes iconic Maxima design and performance to unprecedented levels in the industry, with a special coating and color scheme designed to further improve heat rejection from sunlight.Battle-tested in the harshest conditions all over the world, Maxima 3 Desert stands out from every other equipment of the most demanding DOPs, outdoors and wildlife pro-photographers.

Ease of conversion From hard to soft light in a blink of an eye.

From hard to soft light

Thanks to Maxima OmniMount system you can easily convert your Maxima 3 Fresnel Kit into a versatile lamp capable of accepting any accessory (like softboxes, lanterns,…) from leading brand, such as Bowens, Profoto, etc… without using any tool and in literally 10 seconds.

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