Maximum performance

In the most convenient format

Maxima 3 is the first all-in-one fixture to deliver lots of high-CRI luminous output with inaudible noise footprint and unprecedented efficiency: this combination of features make Maxima 3 the ideal tool where color accuracy, portability and power are all required at the same time.

30K Lumens

High luminous output


Low noise


Efficient consumption


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Take it everywhere

Place it wherever.

A compact, all-in-one design without any external ballast makes Maxima the most convenient fixture to position in your setup, even where no other light would fit.




Total lenght



The most accurate light in the industry

Now setting a new standard of precision and reliability.

Being able to faithfully reproduce sunlight was the first design goal of Maxima: that’s why we took no shortcuts in matching the highest quality LED board in the world, custom manufactured to our specifications, to a complex hardware and software calibration process that is now regarded as the benchmark for the whole lighting industry. Every Maxima is hand calibrated to ensure that our unmatched standards are met, while our superior, patent-pending cooling technology ensures that those performances are consistent over the whole lifespan.


Color Rendering Index


Color precision score

Designed and Made in Italy

Tested all around the world.

Maxima was born in-house at visionary Cinestudio studios in Central Italy to replace old-school HMI technologies and to enable flawless and quick operation both in the studio and on-location. The all-Italian approach has been carried over since then, with a complete manufacturing and testing factory in Italy that has no likes in the whole industry.

Maxima is now used in the most diverse and challenging scenarios across the globe by the same kind of professionals who actually designed it in the first place.

Control up to 8 Maxima with one finger

Or dial your recipe individually with precision.

Minimalistic, purely-analog knobs on Maxima body are paired with in-depth control over any of its features from the lightning fast MaximaControl app, that lets you command up to 8 units simultaneously, triggering fully customizable effects and creating arrays on the fly with the unique “Environment” view.

Cooler than ever

Now got even more powerful

The PowerCore™ heatsink of Maxima 3 is a feature integral to the current and future Maxima lineup and, in tandem with our patent-pending cooling technology, provides a 40% more efficient luminous performance compared to aluminium heatsinks of standard LED lamps. This means your LED will last longer, perform better and reproduce colors more faithfully, while still operating in the industry-leading “Silent” mode which produce an inaudible 21dBa of noise.

Unlimited possibilities

Now with native Profoto® compatibility

From the very beginning, we decided not to manufacture light modifiers: you already have lots of them and, in an ideal world, you should be able to use them with all your lights, without limits! We are now adding native Profoto® accessories compatibility, while still retaining compatibility with every other Bowens accessory without even changing adapter. Isn’t it cool?

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A unique manufacturing process

Reducing carbon footprint and cutting waste to exactly zero.

Maxima philosophy has always been that of manufacturing meaningful, respectful and ethically produced equipment. We have taken this philosophy one step further, by implementing a revolutionay manufacturing approach that we call “additive” which has zero production waste. We take great pride in values of work-ethics and sustainable production in a long standing tradition: that’s why we comply and exceed with all subjects covered by the ILO Labour Standards.

Designed for the extremes

Desert is here

Maxima 3 “Desert” Version takes iconic Maxima design and performance to unprecedented levels in the industry, with a special coating and color scheme designed to further improve heat rejection from sunlight.
Battle-tested in the harshest conditions all over the world, Maxima 3 Desert stands out from every other equipment of the most demanding DOPs, outdoors and wildlife pro-photographers.

Discover Maxima Desert

One fixture, unlimited possibilities

Thanks to Maxima OmniMount system, both Maxima 3 and Maxima 3 Pro-Foto native can be easily equipped with different accessories from leading brands, with the same unparalleled quality that’s now become a trademark of Maxima. Easily swap Fresnel, Bowens®, Profoto® and so many more in literally a few seconds, without using any tool!

Profoto® Adapter

Bowens Locking Ring


Maxima accessories

Maxima 3

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