Maxima 3 MKII specifications

The secret to MAXIMA 3 MKII power is a new generation COB LED combined with an advanced thermal management system. Advanced thermal simulations helped us optimize LED efficiency and develop a special heatsink made of pure copper: this heatsink allows for a terrific increase in luminous efficiency without compromising LED life span. A cooler LED means a larger power output and a more stable, linear color rendition across the whole dimming range.

Led source COB LED
Luminous Output 34000 lumens
Color rendition CRI 98.6
Color rendition R9 (red) – R12 (blue) 98 – 97
Color rendition TLCI 100
Engine PowerCore Copper Heatsink, 30 forged fins (patented)
Processor 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7
Optical system Focusable 200mm (8”) Fresnel lens, accessory Bowens and Pro Foto rings
Cooling Full-copper heatsink
Noise level SILENT MODE 19dBa (inaudible)
Noise Level REGULAR MODE 26dBa
Noise Level BOOST MODE 29dBa
Power Draw SILENT MODE 0 to 180W max
Power Draw REGULAR MODE 10 to 270W max
Power Draw BOOST MODE 270 to 320W max
Ambient temperature operation -25° to +35°
AC input 90 to 250V, 50-60Hz (Neutrik PowerCon Blue)
DC input Maxima Battery Box only (Neutrik PowerCon White)
Radio interface Bluetooth 4.2 (mobile app for iOS and Android)
Cable type 5 meters, ultra-flexible Neoprene®
Chassis power-in connector Neutrik® PowerCon 20 Blue
Weight (without fresnel reflector) 4.2Kg
Weight (with fresnel reflector) 5.4Kg
Lenght (without fresnel reflector) 370mm
Lenght (with fresnel reflector) 520mm
Yoke connector type Universal, 16mm junior female and 28mm TV male spigot
Certification RoHS, CE
LED color temp 3200K, 5600K

Maxima 3 color specification charts