Lightweight, silent and versatile

With unprecedented lux-to-weight ratio

More than 60.000 lumens in the same, all-in-one convenient form factor and a still unmatched color accuracy with superior cooling technology, all-weather resistance and the quietest noise footprint in the market. It’s not dreaming, it’s just the new Maxima 6 GaN.

One fixture, unlimited possibilities

Change configuration in few second

Maxima 6 GaN natively accepts any Profoto® accessory, so you can use all your softboxes and light modifiers. In less than 30 seconds, you can simply slide in the Bowens Mount Locking Ring or the Arri® QLM adapters to further expand your possibilities and work with all the accessories you already use and love.

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Maximum performance

In the most convenient format

Maxima 6 sports the same color rendering qualities of her smaller sibling, while providing twice the luminous output with inaudible noise levels: all these exceptional features are enclosed in the same, all-in-one and lightweight body, making Maxima 6 the ideal tool where color accuracy, portability and extreme amounts of light output are all required at the same time.


with R9 96.2 and R12 94.1


with R9 96.2 and R12 94.1


Full-spectrum white light

0.02% Colors shift

After 25.000 hours of usage

Full DC battery operation with any third party power source,

from 35V to 75V.

If you already have our Maxima Battery Box, simply connect it and enjoy up to 3 hours* of uninterrupted usage of Maxima 6 at full power. If you don’t, just plug your Arri®, Bebop®, FxLion® and many other battery sources to the famous Maxima White Port which now, thanks to GaN technology, accepts any DC input ranging from 35 to 75 Volts.

*: 1 hour with the Maxima battery Box internal battery only, 2 more hours with 4 supplemental 200wh V-Mount batteries mounted to the external V-Mount bays of the Maxima Battery Box.


Color Rendering Index


Color precision score

Overpower conventional 700W LED lamps

with just 600W power draw.

Maxima 6 GaN is the world’s first LED lamp driven by Gallium Nitride (GaN) circuitry, capable of an unprecedented lux-to-weight ratio, best-in-class efficiency and CRI color rendition. Thanks to the adoption of GaN semiconductors, we achieve a higher power density, outperforming the output and color rendition of any conventional technology 700 W LED lamp while still maintaining a much smaller and lightweight body.

Maximum fill of softboxes

Thanks to Maxima Hyperbolic Lens.

Maxima 6 is the first Maxima to use our custom designed hyperbolic aspherical lens: thanks to this precise piece of fine engineering, the output of Maxima 6 is more concentrated in a hyperbolic “bent” shape so that it actually provides an even larger luminous output and a more precise coverage of typical softboxes and lanterns.

The aspherical lens can be detached from the front of the LED by simply unscrewing it.

Control up to 8 Maxima with one finger

Or dial your recipe individually with precision.

Minimalistic, purely-analog knobs on Maxima body are paired with in-depth control over any of its features from the lightning fast MaximaControl app, that lets you command up to 8 units simultaneously, triggering fully customizable effects and creating arrays on the fly with the unique “Environment” view.

One fixture

Unlimited accessories possibilities

Maxima 6 takes the OmniMount concept inherited from Maxima 3 to even higher grounds: being natively compatible with Profoto® RFI standards it allows for focusing and zooming of any accessory and, at the same time, mounting any Bowens or Arri® QLM accessory is as easy as ever.

Bowens Locking Ring

Arri® QLM Adapter


Maxima accessories

Maxima 3

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