Maxima 6 specifications

Maxima 6 GaN is the world’s first LED lamp driven by gallium nitride circuitry, capable of an unprecedented lux-to- weight ratio, best-in-class efficiency and CRI color rendition. Thanks to the adoption of GaN semiconductors that are inherently more efficient than silicon, less energy is expended as heat, resulting in a more efficient system with a higher power density (smaller volume).

Light Source Full-spectrum 5600K° daylight COB LED
Luminous Output 69000 lumens
Color rendition R9 98.3 (extended CRI) – 94 R9 (red) – 97 R12 (blue)
Color rendition TLCI 99
Engine Maxima GaNPOWER
Processor 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7
Optical system Profoto, Bowens and Arri QLM mounts
Cooling Patented UltraCore full copper, 54 forged fins
Noise level SILENT MODE 19dBa (inaudible)
Noise Level REGULAR MODE 24dBa
Noise Level BOOST MODE 29dBa
Power Draw SILENT MODE 0 to 350W max
Power Draw REGULAR MODE 10 to 450W max
Power Draw BOOST MODE 450 to 600W max
Ambient temperature operation -25° to +35°
AC input 90 to 250V, 50-60Hz (Neutrik PowerCon Blue)
DC input 0 to 600W with 35V/75V external power station
0 to 300W with Maxima Battery Box
Radio interface Bluetooth 4.2 (mobile app for iOS and Android)
DMX interface DMX512 In/Out XLR 3pin
Cable type 5 meters, ultra-flexible Neoprene®
Chassis power-in connector Neutrik® PowerCon 20 Blue
Weight 4 Kg (bare lamp)
4.6 Kg (with yoke mount)
4.7 Kg (with yoke mount and Bowens 70° Reflector)
Dimensions L 350mm W 200mm H 173mm (without yoke mount)
L 462mm W 316mm H 173mm (with yoke mount)
Yoke connector type Universal, 16mm junior female and 28mm TV male spigot

Maxima 6 color specification charts