Talk with a Maxima Specialist

Book your no-commitment, 15 minutes call with a Maxima Specialist to see yourself the difference Maxima products make!

Book an online session with a Maxima Specialist to understand how Maxima can make a difference to your images and your daily workflow: simply enter your basic details in the form below and your preferred date and we will contact you to arrange the call! (NOTE: All times are GMT – Session will be held via Google Meet)

After the session you will be able to understand:

  • the key features of Maxima;
  • the OmniMount™ system and how to use any of your Profoto, Bowens, Arri, Broncolor accessories…
  • the networking features of Maxima thanks to MaximaControl;
  • how to achieve that cinematic lighting and use Maxima portability to your advantage;
  • how to use Maxima on-location without grid power;

Your Maxima Specialist will be available to answer any technical questions you may have and demonstrate all the practical aspects of using Maxima in both photography and film.