Trial Program Condition

Maxima Trial Program – Terms and Conditions

  1. By registering to the Maxima Trial Program and providing your contact and company data, you (the user) agree to receive a kit of two Maxima 3 units free of charge;
  2. The units will remain property of Maxima Lighting Solutions BV (MLS BV): the units provided for trial purposes remains property and possession of MLS BV, only direct physical control is temporarily transferred;
  3. The user has the right to test such units for a period of 14 days before committing to buy at the price listed in the Maxima shop webpage or (alternatively) return the units free of charge at their own expenses. Address for returning is that of the Maxima factory in Italy;
  4. The 14 days trial period starts on the day of the actual delivery of the units to the user;
  5. If the appliance is not returned within the 14-day trial period, this shall be deemed to constitute approval of the demo units provided for test purposes; we will then issue an invoice and conclude a binding purchase contract for the units ordered on approval and not returned.
  6. The user is responsible of handling the appliance with due care and take all necessary and reasonable steps to protect it against loss and damage. The user will provide compensation for any deterioration, damage or malfunction of the units only if such deterioration, damage or malfunction is attributable to the user part: inspection of the units upon returning will be carried out by MLS BV personnel at the Maxima facility in Italy.
  7. The Maxima Trial Program is open to any business and professional residing in the EU or in other selected territories (such as Norway, Iceland, …). Requests outside of these territories will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  8. In rare circumstances, and depending on current stock availability, the Maxima units that the user receive might be refurbished/ex-demo units with minor imperfections, scratches and minor cosmetic damages.