Cinematic Lighting with Maxima – The event in Graz

Maxima, together with Foto Köberl, are proud to invite you to the event that will change your perspective into lighting for photography with a cinematic approach, thanks to the unique features of the Maxima system!

We are thrilled to announce the participation of Enrico Ripalti, Creative Director of Cinestudio and founder of Maxima, and Red Bull® photographer Leo Rosas, who will together introduce you to the key concepts of studio lighting with the Maxima system at renowned Studio Hell in Graz.

The practical, walk-in, event will allow you to test for yourself the best in lighting technology from Maxima together with premium cameras, including Fujifilm GFXII and Sony AR9  with a premium lineup of lenses also, including Fujifilm GF55mm 1.7, Fujifilm GF30mm T/S, Fujinon Premista 28-100 T2.9 and many more premium cine optics!

What is the event about?

  • Optimizing the photo and video workflow with Maxima
  • Shooting video with Profoto® and Arri® accessories
  • Seamlessly transitioning from photo to video with Fujifilm and Sony
  • Integrating cinematic lighting concepts into photography
  • Networking with fellow professionals and discuss the best of lighting technology in Europe.
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Enrico Ripalti will unveil the practical secrets and nuances of the Maxima system, providing a unique insight into the incredible artistic possibilities and workflow optimization for photography and video shooting as well. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experiment with different models, including the powerful Maxima 3, the advanced Maxima 6, and the revolutionary Maxima Pro-foto Native.

But there’s more! For the first time in Austria, we will also be unveiling the new Maxima Furiosa, the most powerful bi-color, all-in-one LED in the market. Join us at Studio Hell in Graz, on February the 29th, from 11:00 to 18:00: be inspired by the network of fellow professionals at the event and get ready to unveil the endless possibilities offered by the Maxima system!

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Register online at Foto Köberl