Maxima was born as an innovative, evolving product, that we ourselves loved to use: we spend countless hours testing, refining and listening to inputs from DOPs and photographers worldwide.

We are now summing up this experience in the Mark II version of our small beauty, now featuring a 50% reduction in noise and a 20% increase of light output. This comes with no added running costs, since the power draw of Maxima remains the same (at a mere 290 W),  but thanks to Maxima patent-pending, revolutionary cooling technology, the efficiency is even greater at a whopping 128 Lm/W, totaling an extraordinary figure of more than 30.000 Lm with the same unprecedented color accuracy that Maxima is know for.

The world reference in color accuracy

Maxima color accuracy is actually the world reference today, with 98.6 CRI and 100 TLCI score and a rich, flat and consistent color spectrum with no deviation from the white point.

We’ve got you covered: enter the Mark II Upgrade Program

We take great pride in following up our customer on an almost one-to-one relationship: we ourselves are photographers and videomakers first and we know how demanding and constantly evolving the nature of the business is. We want to support you with every possible advancement allowing you to work better and quicker, that’s why we offer an industry-first upgrade program for every Maxima 3 owner. For just 360 € we will upgrade your unit to the Mark II hardware and software, completely refurbishing it and with a renewed warranty period of 2 years.

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