Never compromise.

We are proud to announce the release of Maxima Furiosa, the most portable, high-power, bi-colour LED fixture on the market: weighing in at just 6.7 kg and requiring no external ballast, Maxima Furiosa represents the pinnacle of LED lighting technology, designed and manufactured in our factories here in Italy.

With the lowest noise levels in the industry, a continuously adjustable colour temperature from 2800K to 6800K and the same reliability and quality that have become the hallmark of Maxima, Maxima Furiosa raises the bar once again for professional photographers and videographers looking for the best light quality and efficiency in the most compact package. With a power consumption of just 800W and an impressive output of 80,000 lumens, Furiosa has set a new standard for efficiency in film production, allowing for longer battery life, reduced studio consumption and a much smaller carbon footprint that exceeds any standard set for an environmentally responsible set.

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Use any of your accessories and light modifiers.

Like any other Maxima, Furiosa is compatible with all the accessories and light modifiers you already own from all the leading brands such as Profoto®, ARRI®, Bowens… This is made possible thanks to the ingenious Maxima OmniMount™ system and the clever accessories that ensure safe and efficient mounting.

Maxima Furiosa is also available in the Arctic Edition: with the same specifications as our flagship Maxima Furiosa and a special coating that allows for improved solar rejection and even better cooling, the Maxima Furiosa Arctic Edition is the star of the scene, creating an eye-catching look that sets it apart from any other equipment on stage.

If you are one of the lucky ones to be on the limited waiting list of 400 Furiosa units, you will receive your voucher and a special gift from us shortly.

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