We are thrilled to announce that Maxima is now part of the prestigious lineup alongside renowned brands like Profoto, Fujifilm, Canon, and Sony at Foto Köberl. This esteemed distributor covers the entire Austria region and serves as your go-to destination for all things Maxima, including pre-sales and technical support. Through our collaboration with the highly skilled team at Foto Köberl in Steyrergasse, you can now directly purchase and experience all Maxima products, including the recently launched Maxima 6,.

Professional photographers and directors of photography (DOPs) can take advantage of this opportunity to explore and test our cutting-edge technology. Kurt and Karlheinz at Foto Köberl are ready to share valuable insights into our revolutionary products, helping you streamline your production processes, whether in motion pictures or still life.

You can browse their complete assortment of every Maxima product or enquire directly thru their website.

Maxima is available in many other countries, find the nearest retailer and rental here.