We are very proud to announce that Maxima will line up with the best products from legendary brands such as Profoto, Phase One, Sinar and TetherTools at renowned Innovafoto, which will distribute in the whole Spain and will be your reference point for everything Maxima, including pre-sales and technical assistance. Thanks to the partnership with the extremely competent and knowledgeable staff at Innovafoto in Valencia, all Maxima products, including the newly released Maxima 6, will be available for direct purchase and demo to pro-photographers and DOPs: Ramon, Ana, Paula and all the staff at Innovafoto will provide all the insights to our revolutionary technology and will help you streamline the production process, be it motion picture or still life.

You can browse their complete assortment of every Maxima product or enquire directly thru their website.

Maxima is available in many other countries, find the nearest retailer and rental here.