Never compromise.

Maxima 6 GaN is the response to the demands of professionals that don’t accept compromises: a huge punch of over 60.000 lumens in the same, all-in-one and lightweight package that Maxima is know for, with a still unmatched CRI color accuracy, all-weather resistance and the quietest noise footprint in the market.

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Unprecedented performance, wherever you may roam.

In just 4 kg of weight and less than 600W of power consumption, Maxima 6 GaN packs more punch than any conventional technology LED on the market: this is a great advantage when shooting on location without access to electricity, where Maxima 6 shines at full power with our Battery Box or with any* third party DC source. Yes, you read right: use any of your Arri®, Bebop®, FXLion® and so many mary battery packs to power your Maxima thanks to our GaNPowered™ DC input now standard in the Maxima WhitePort.

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